Thruxton Unveils the Ultimate Junior Driving Experience: A Day of Thrills and Skill Development for Young Drivers

Thruxton Circuit is thrilled to announce the launch of the Ultimate Junior Driving Experiences. Designed to offer young drivers a comprehensive and unforgettable day of thrills and skill development, this all-in-one experience combines the best elements from Thruxton's popular junior driving experiences.

Young driving enthusiasts, aged 12 years and above and measuring at least 4ft 10 inches (1.47m) tall, now have the opportunity to embark on an adventure-packed day that will equip them with the essential skills needed to become a confident driver. The Ultimate Junior Driving Experiences encompasses three exhilarating sessions, crafted to provide a well-rounded and immersive learning journey. To complete this epic day out, a high-speed ride with a professional racing driver, around the fastest circuit in the UK!

Ultimate Junior Driving Experiences

The action begins with a Junior Driving Paddock session. Take control of a Ford Puma in the large tarmac paddock areas at Thruxton. Our skilled instructors will guide you through the fundamental skills of driving, including smooth starts and stops, precise steering through various cone layouts, clutch control, gear changing, and navigating a challenging course that incorporates all the skills you'll learn.

Next on the agenda is the heart-pumping Skid Pan Junior session. Participants will get behind the wheel of both the MINI Cooper and the Toyota GT86, specially equipped with dual controls for enhanced safety. Guided by experienced instructors, they will explore the art of controlling understeer and oversteer, perfecting weight transfer and direction changes, and understand the crucial role of electronic stability systems, traction control, and ABS in vehicle control and safety. Through a combination of adrenaline-fueled manoeuvres and expert instruction, young drivers will gain confidence and a deeper understanding of advanced driving techniques.

Rounding out the driving element of the Ultimate Junior Driving Experience, we'll take you off-road on the 4x4 course. Climb into a rugged 4x4 vehicle and conquer challenging terrains under the guidance of our skilled instructors. Learn the techniques of off-road driving, including obstacle navigation, conquering steep inclines and descents, and manoeuvring through tricky terrain. This segment adds an extra dose of excitement and adventure to your day.

To finish off the experience. A high-speed ride in a performance saloon with a professional racing driver. Or if you choose the Ultimate Junior Driving Experience PLUS, experience our two-seat racing car for two laps of the fastest circuit in the UK with our own tame racing driver at the wheel.

Throughout the experience, our instructors will tailor each session to the participant's individual progress and learning style. We understand that everyone learns at their own pace, and our goal is to ensure they gain confidence and develop essential driving skills in a supportive environment.

Ultimate Junior Driving Experience

Ultimate Junior Driving Experience PLUS

Availability and Booking

This experience will run on the 4, 5, 19, 24, 25 August 2023 only. To book the Ultimate Junior Driving Experience please call our office on 01264 882222.

Give young drivers the opportunity to embark on a day they'll remember forever, as they master the road, conquer challenges, and set their sights on a future filled with confident and responsible driving.