Choosing a Driving Experience


With over 40 years experience providing driving and gift experiences. Thruxton is the hub of driving activities in the UK with an extensive fleet of racing cars and supercars that are second to none.

Our driving experiences can be used for Birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, rewards and much more. You can purchase an open-dated gift voucher as a present, valid for 12-months, the recipient just has to book a date to attend or you can book a date to attend at the time of purchase.

Nowhere else in the UK will you find the range of cars to drive on an FIA licenced race circuit. Our driving experiences enable the lucky recipient to drive a range of fantastic supercars, sports cars and racing cars on the fastest circuit in the UK (no speed cameras, traffic jams or police).

What You Need To Drive

  • Drivers must hold a full driving licence.

  • It does not matter if a driver has points on their licence.

  • We do not require licences to have been held for a specific amount of time. i.e. A 17-year-old who has passed their test can attend our driving experience days.

We also offer junior driving experiences and passenger experiences.

Height and Weight Guidence


  • Maximum height 6' 4"

  • Maximum weight 18 stone

  • Minimum age 17 but must hold a full driving licence.

If you are slightly outside of these limits, please give our office a call to discuss. 01264 882222


Whether it's an 18th or an 80th Birthday present, a driving experiences from Thruxton Motorsport Centre is a unique way to celebrate a special birthday. Drivers need only hold a full licence to experience our full range of cars. You can purchase an open-dated gift voucher to give to the recipient who can then book a date to attend.


Unwrapping a Ferrari or McLaren driving experience for Christmas is something special and more exciting than socks! Our driving experiences gift packs are valid for one year from the date of purchase, allowing the recipient plenty of time to book their surprise present in at a convenient time.

Special Occasions

Our driving experiences can be purchased as open gift vouchers and given as rewards, bonuses or just to say thank you. You can specify who the gift pack is for and where it is to be sent.

Tiff Needell highlights why a driving experience at Thruxton offers more than other venues.