Advanced 4x4 Off Road Experience


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1 hrs

Find out exactly what a 4x4 can do.

Drive the Land Rover on our purpose-built 4x4 facility. It's designed to push you and the Land Rover to the limit.

  • Push the 4x4 Land Rover to its limits
  • Purpose build 4x4 facility
  • Expert tuition from qualified 4x4 instructors
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Need to know

What to expect from the Advanced 4x4 Off Road Experience

Bring the speed right down; the Advanced 4x4 Off-Road course requires a different driving skill to our circuit and skid pan driving expereinces. Patience, caution and controlled aggression are needed as you test both the Land Rover Defender and your own nerve.

You will be amazed at what a Land Rover will do. It will take you as far as it's possible in a wheeled vehicle.

This is a one-2-one course, just you, the iconic Land Rover Defender, and the your 4x4 instructor for over an hour. Giving you plenty of time to master our purpose-built 4x4 course. You will initially receive a briefing before taking to the course.

Learn about axle articulation, approach and departure angles, how to find the best traction, when to and when not to use the brakes, when to use a little throttle and when to really attack an obstacle. All this is great fun and definitely not easy, but hugely satisfying when you get it right.

The Thruxton difference

Quality experiences

Over 40 years of experience in operating driving experiences. Everything is geared around a quality experience and we limit numbers to ensure this.

FIA licensed race track

Thruxton is the fastest race track in the UK and a fully licensed FIA venue - not a disused airfield.

Pro instructors

We only use professional ARDS qualified race instructors who will make your drive more enjoyable.

No artificial corners

No 70mph speed limits or numerous "cone chicanes" to keep the speed artificially slow.

360º videos

The ultimate memento of your visit to Thruxton. Our 360 cameras will capture all the action of your drive in 4K, true 360-degree video for you to enjoy afterwards on all your devices.

A 4x4 Vehicle in its natural environment

One Amazing Car

You will be amazed at what a Land Rover will do. It will take you as far as it?s possible in a wheeled vehicle.


  • Horsepower
    122 bhp
  • Top Speed
    82 mph

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