Sports Car Trio


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Max Laps
12 laps
2.5 hrs
28.8 miles

Experience three brilliant and different sports cars around Thruxton. The German built Porsche Cayman, The British built Jaguar F-TYPE SVR and the French built Alpine A110. Each sports car is completely different from the other yet they all tick the box of being exceptionally engaging cars to drive.

  • Drive three brilliant sports cars
  • Experience the fastest circuit in the UK
  • Expert tuition from ARDS race instructors
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Need to know



Our senior ARDS Race Instructor will give a full briefing detailing the important information you need to know before getting behind the wheel and heading out on track; circuit layout, racing line, turn in, apex, exit, braking, throttle control, driving Position, steering, pedal control, gear change, understanding paddle shift, overtaking and flag signals. As part of the briefing we have a unique CGI sequence which shows how a vehicle reacts to the inputs made by the driver including; chassis dynamics, weight transfer, oversteer and understeer.

3 laps

Demonstration - Instructor drives

Driving on a race circuit is very different to normal road driving. To make the most of the cars guests will be driving on track you need to learn the racing line and braking points. Our ARDS race instructors will be on hand to help throughout your experience..

3 laps

Alpine A110 - Guest drives

The stunning Alpine A110 is all about the F-word - FUN! It’s ready to deliver its own unique brand of intoxicating fun the moment you drive out of the pitlane on to the circuit. The car instantly gives the driver confidence to push harder, giving feedback through the fast and slower corners. Other sports car do this too but the Alpine A110 does it differently. There's nothing else quite like it.

3 laps

Porsche Cayman - Guest drives

Three laps driving the Porsche Cayman. Nowhere else in the UK will you drive the class leading sports car as your introduction to a driving experience. With 3 laps behind the wheel you'll not only have a huge smile on your face but be ready to take on the next car, no doubt feeling like the next Lewis Hamilton..

3 laps

Jaguar F-TYPE SVR - Guest drives

Get ready to drive the most powerful Jaguar F-TYPE ever built. The Jaguar 'Special Vehicle Operations' twin supercharged, 5.0 Litre V8 engine, four-wheel drive SVR.

The SVR feel at home around Thruxton. Sweeping corners on to long straights allow the SVR to really stretch its legs. The twin supercharged 5.0 litre V8 produces 567bhp, the engine barks and spits as you head out of the pitlane but once out on track, the soundtrack is epic! The Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is a truly exhilarating car, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

What to expect from the Sports Car Trio Driving Experience

This driving experience will put guests in the driving seat of three brilliant, yet completely different sports cars on the UK's fastest race circuit. A fantastic opportunity to experience these sports cars in their ideal environment.

First up is the mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive Porsche Cayman. It's great fun and incredibly rewarding to drive, giving great driver feedback, accurate and responsive steering and pinpoint handling. Time in this stunning German coupe will ensure you are fully comfortable and confident with the lines and technique of driving around Thruxton Circuit.

Next is the front-engined, four-wheel-drive monster that is the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR. The SVR is a product of Jaguars SVO division - Special Vehicle Operations. They create cars that, by their own admission, are the ultimate expression of Jaguar. The F‑TYPE SVR, is the most powerful F‑TYPE ever made.

The twin-supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine produces 567BHP and will take you to 60mph in 3.5 seconds and is capable of 200mph! Jaguar have also reworked and tweaked almost every other aspect of the car, from the aerodynamics, suspension to the ceramic brakes. When you add all of these components together, the car is truly stunning to drive and experience.

Last, but by no means least, is the the Alpine A110. A lightweight, mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive sports car.

The original Alpine A110 from the late sixties was a lightweight, compact, highly agile sports car. The same core elements of lightness and agility have been used by Alpine to resurrect and build the new A110 for the modern-day. The result is stunning and has catapulted the A110 straight to the top of the sports car tree.

Driving an Alpine A110 is like a graceful dance, the Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is a raw beast with immense power, and the Porsche Cayman is a precision instrument built for driving pleasure.

360º In-Car Videos are Available for This Experience

The ultimate memento of your visit to Thruxton. Our 360 cameras will capture all the action of your drive in 4K, true 360-degree video for you to enjoy afterwards on all your devices. Check out the video and click to look around!

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The Thruxton difference

Quality experiences

Over 40 years of experience in operating driving experiences. Everything is geared around a quality experience and we limit numbers to ensure this.

FIA licensed race track

Thruxton is the fastest race track in the UK and a fully licensed FIA venue - not a disused airfield.

Pro instructors

We only use professional ARDS qualified race instructors who will make your drive more enjoyable.

No artificial corners

No 70mph speed limits or numerous "cone chicanes" to keep the speed artificially slow.

360º videos

The ultimate memento of your visit to Thruxton. Our 360 cameras will capture all the action of your drive in 4K, true 360-degree video for you to enjoy afterwards on all your devices.

Three incredible sports cars

Three Amazing Cars

The Porsche Cayman is a genuine junior supercar. Similar in looks to the 911 but with a mid-engine layout. Once seated in the car, it's unmistakably a Porsche. Out on track the car gives incredible feedback and is perfectly balanced, allowing the driver to build in confidence and enjoy the increased power and incredible grip that the car generates.


  • Horsepower
    261 bhp
  • Torque
    221 lb/ft
  • Top Speed
    163 mph
  • 0-60
    5.8 seconds

The Alpine A110 is a compact two-seat coupe in the mould of the Porsche Cayman but the Alpine has been designed to be light, really light. The interior sets the tone very nicely. The fixed seats look superb and are superbly shaped. You sit low, the driving position is perfect. It tackles the circuit with unflappable poise and agility. The A110 is a truly brilliant car.


  • Horsepower
    249 bhp
  • Torque
    236 lb/ft
  • Top Speed
    155 mph
  • 0-60
    4.5 seconds

The Jaguar F-TYPE SVR is an F-TYPE on steroids! Engineered by Jaguars SVR division - 'Special Vehicle Operations'. Its a supercharged, front-engine 5.0 Litre V8, four-wheel drive monster, capable of 200mph! The engine is a sonic masterpiece and delivers relentless acceleration. Not only is it fast, but it's also stunning to look at. In a word, this car is exhilarating.


  • Horsepower
    567 bhp
  • Torque
    516 lb/ft
  • Top Speed
    200 mph
  • 0-60
    3.5 seconds

Skilled Instructors On The Day

Rob Barff

Professional Driver Coach and retired Le Mans driver. A veteran of eighteen 24 Hour races, including two times Le Mans 24 Hours. 30 years coaching experience, competition licence holder since 1987 with over 65 race victories and 135 podiums.

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Ben Norfolk

I've been racing for over 20 years in Sprints, Hillclimbs and a range of circuit series from historics, team endurance, MX-5's, Lotus Cup and in the Invictus Games Racing Jaguar F-type SVR in the British GT Championship. With a Coach/Mentor background, I have a range of skills to help extract the most out of your time on track.

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Tony Claringbould

Tony has been racing for over 10 years initially in classic formula 3 500cc, then the Porsche Speed championship, followed by several years of classic Mini Coopers in the Mighty Mini championship. Now racing his Mondial T in the Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic series, he became an instructor in 2021.

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