Driving Experiences

Driving Experiences on the UK's Fastest Race Circuit make for an unforgettable gift. Whether you choose to drive your dream supercar and sports car or strap yourself into a proper single-seat racing car. You'll be guaranteed to have a day you'll remember for a long time to come. Below are some of our recommended driving experiences as a present. All driving experiences can be purchased as an open gift voucher, allowing the recipient to book a day convenient for them. Check out all our Driving Experiences here

Tiff Needell highlights why a driving experience at Thruxton offers more than other venues.

Racing Car Driving Experience

Our most popular driving experience. You'll drive two fantastic cars as part of this experience. Initially, you'll receive expert tuition from our ARDS race instructors. First with a classroom briefing and then on track as a passenger. Your instructor will explain the racing line and breaking points, preparing you for your time driving on track.

Then it's time to get behind the wheel of the Porsche Cayman. Nowhere else in the UK will you drive such an expensive and new car as your introduction to a driving experience. You'll not only have a huge smile on your face but be ready to take on the next car, no doubt feeling like the next Lewis Hamilton.

Watching Formula 1 will never be the same again after you've experienced driving a proper single-seat racing car on a proper race circuit. Many of the current crop of F1 drivers have raced in this formula with Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton both winning the UK series. Once seated with the racing straps fitted around you the engine bursts into life you'll feel like a Grand Prix is about to start. Once up to speed, everything clicks into place as you and the car become one, getting quicker every lap, the car responding instantly. A truly unique experience and one that will be remembered.

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We also have an extended experience called the Racing Addict Driving Experience. Guests will drive the racing car for two sessions plus experience high-speed passenger rides with our own tame racing driving in a mini le mans racing car plus meet and experience Tiff Needell's high-speed, sideways driving in a new BMW M2.

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Ferrari 458 Spider Thrill & Driving Experiences

Driving a Ferrari is an incredible experience. Driving a Ferrari on the fastest race circuit in the UK is the ultimate experience. We offer a number of driving experiences that include the Ferrari 458. As with all our experiences, you'll receive tuition from our team of ARDS Racing Instructors before you drive on track.

The Ferrari 458 Spider is a mid-engine V8 supercar. Stunning to look at, stunning to sit in, out of this world to drive. push the starter button and feel the V8 engine burst into life. On track the performance is stunning. It's everything you wanted it to be and so much more.

All of the experiences below include driving the Ferrari 458 Spider, some also include driving other supercars. A great way to compare the most famous supercar manufacturers back to back.

Ferrari 458 Spider Thrill

Ferrari 458 Spider Driving Experience

Ferrari 458 Spider PLUS Driving Experience

Supercar Duo Driving Experience

Supercar Trio Driving Experience

Ultimate Supercar Driving Experience

Aston Martin Driving Experience

James Bond's car of choice! Get ready to experience the class only Aston Martin can install into a supercar. This model is the Vantage N430. Inspired by Aston Martin’s rich racing pedigree, the N430 is the most dramatic version of the Aston Martin Vantage ever. Before getting behind the wheel, our ARDS race instructors will take you out on track as a passenger to show you the racing lines and braking points so that you can enjoy your time driving the Aston Martin.

We have a number of driving experiences that include the Aston Martin:

Aston Martin Thrill

Aston Martin Driving Experience

Aston Martin PLUS Driving Experience

British Sports Cars Driving Experience

Supercar Trio Driving Experience

Ultimate Supercar Driving Experience

4x4 Off-Road Driving Experiences

Bring the speed right down at the 4x4 Off-Road Centre. Drive a Land Rover on our purpose-built 4x4 facility. It's designed to push you and the Land Rover to the limit. Driving a 4x4 in the environment it was designed requires a different skill compared to the race circuit. Patience caution and controlled aggression are needed as you test both the Defender and your own nerve. You will be amazed at what a Land Rover will do.

4x4 Off-Road Driving Experience

Family 4x4 Off-Road Driving Experience

Junior Experiences

Juniors can now get behind the wheel of a modern car and learn the essential skills needed to drive a car safely. Our Instructors will be on hand to help teach the core skills and assist drivers to develop their knowledge and enjoy the experience of driving.

Junior Driving Experience

Learn the essential skills needed to drive, from the drivers seat of a modern car with expert tuition from our advance driving instructors.

Young drivers at least 4ft 10 inches (1.47m) tall and over 12 years old can attend our Junior Driving Experience to learn the essential skills needed to drive a car.

This experience operates in the paddock areas at Thruxton Circuit. Initially, drivers will have expert tuition with an Advance Driving Instructor (ADI) in a Ford Puma in the paddock areas, first as a passenger and then taking full control to develop their core skills. Pupils will master the basic techniques of driving which includes; Moving of and stopping smoothly and in a controlled fashion. Steering through various cone layouts. Clutch control and gear changing. Reversing and negotiating a set course involving all the skills learnt.

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Junior Skid Pan Driving Experience

Suitable for juniors who have some driving experience. A one-hour session on the skid pan driving both the MINI Cooper and Toyota GT86. The pupil, when driving, is always accompanied by the instructor. Driving content includes; Straight line slalom, weight transfer and direction change controlling under and oversteer, prolonged control of under and oversteer on 45m diameter circle. Exercises will be experienced with all electronic stability systems switched on for the first run.

Junior Skid Pan Driving Experience

Junior 4x4 Driving Experience

Junior drivers can now get behind the wheel of a proper 4x4 Off-Road vehicle on our purpose-built 4x4 course. Driving on the 4x4 course requires a different driving skill to normal road driving. Patience, caution and controlled aggression are needed as you test your own nerve.

The vehicle young drivers will be driving is the latest incarnation of the Suzuki Jimny.

Junior Skid Pan Driving Experience

Skid Pan Experiences

Skid Pan Driving Experiences for Adults and Juniors

In a safe and controlled environment, we will help you develop the skills needed to correct and control a sliding car, a situation that you may encounter on the public roads. Not only is this great fun, but more importantly a hugely worthwhile investment in your own and your passengers' safety.

Unlike many venues, we use modern front and rear-wheel-drive cars so that you will understand and feel how the electronic safety systems, fitted as standard to most cars, will help in adverse conditions, but also how to control a sliding car when all the systems are switched off relying on pure driver skill. We feel this will give you the best preparation for anything the roads and weather may throw at you.

We have a number of Skid Pan Experience available including using your own car.

Skid Pan Driving Experience

Skid Pan Driving Experience in Your Own Car

Skid Pan One-2-One

Junior Skid Pan Driving Experience

Kart Centre

Thruxton Kart Centre

Thruxton Kart Centre is one of the very best outdoor kart circuits in the country. Located next to the main circuit, it's fast, challenging (you always feel you could have gone a little quicker) and requires commitment and stamina.

We have three different circuits available, at 1,100 metres long our full circuit has a selection of fast, slow and technical corners. Our 13bhp Thunderkarts can reach speeds of 60mph - this is real racing and is guaranteed to bring out your competitive nature.

We also have Junior and Cadet Kart for kids from 8 years old.

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Thruxton Race Circuit will welcome back the Kwik Fit British Touring Car Championship on the 3/4 June and the Bennetts British Superbike Championship on the 11-13 August.

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