On-Track Demos and Exquisite Static Displays at the Thruxton Historic!

Brace yourself for exhilarating on-track demonstrations and captivating static displays at the Thruxton Historic Weekend!

Each day, prepare to be enthralled by a captivating display of on-track demonstrations and exquisite static exhibits that pay homage to iconic racing eras that have left an indelible mark on motorsport history.

On-Track Demonstrations: Unleashing the Legends

During the lunch break on both days of the Thruxton Historic, witness a symphony of power, speed, and skill as legendary racing cars take to the track. Brace yourself for heart-pounding moments and awe-inspiring performances by the following iconic machines

Formula 1 Cars

Benetton B193c

Year: 1993
Engine size: 3500cc
Power: 750bhp
Weight: 485kg
Notable History: Driven by Michael Schumacher with 6 podium finishes and a victory in Portugal Estoril. Steve Ottavianelli will be driving this car for the demonstrations.

Benetton B190

Year: 1990
Car no.: 20
Notable History: Driven by Nelson Piquet, three-time World Champion, with victories in Suzuka and Adelaide in 1990. John Reaks will be behind the wheel for the demonstrations.

Honda RA 107

Notable History: Previously a Honda test car. Kevin Mason will be piloting this car for the demonstrations, listen out for that V10!

Formula 3 Cars

March 733 Ford Twin Cam Holbay

Notable History: This car, previously driven by Ian Taylor, was the BARC championship winner. Raimund Fein will race this March in the JRT, with Ex-GP driver Mike Wilds taking the wheel for the on-track demos.

Ensign LNF3 Ford Twin Cam Holbay

Notable History: Previously driven by Mo Harness, this Ensign will be raced by Karl Jones in the JRT and may also be driven by Bill Coombs for the demonstrations.

British Trucks

Experience the raw power and thundering presence of the British Trucks. Steven Powell and Bradley Smith will head out on track to showcase why the British Trucks have to be seen to be believed. Brace yourself as they tear up the track and shake the ground as these mighty machines unleash their full power around Thruxton.

Static Displays: Icons of Speed and Brilliance

In addition to the thrilling on-track action, the Thruxton Historic offers an exceptional showcase of static displays that will transport you from modern Formula 1 back in time.

Explore the following gems of motorsport history in the paddock area

Formula 1 Car

Red Bull F1 Car: Marvel at the cutting-edge technology and aerodynamic design of a Formula 1 machine, courtesy of Red Bull. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer presence and innovation on display.

Formula 3 Cars

March 782 BMW

Behold the March 782 BMW, driven by Marc Surer at Thruxton in 1978. With a remarkable racing pedigree, including podium finishes and victories, this car represents the pinnacle of Formula 3 racing during its era.

Brabham BT23C

Experience the dawn of aerodynamics in Formula 2 with the high-wing Brabham BT23C. This car, piloted by Brian Hart and Robin Widdows for Bob Gerard Racing in 1969, achieved memorable victories at Monza and Hockenheim.

Car Club Displays and Parade Lap

Thruxton Historic is proud to showcase the vibrant community of car enthusiasts with over 30 different car clubs participating in the event. Each club will be on display around the spectator banks throughout the weekend. Following the on-track demonstrations each car club will contribute a selection of stunning cars for a special parade lap around the circuit. Don't miss this opportunity to witness a breathtaking spectacle of automotive excellence and witness a diverse range of classic and modern vehicles. From vintage gems to contemporary marvels, the car club parade lap is a celebration of automotive history and passion.

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