Thruxton Skid Pan reopens

01 Dec 20

We're pleased to announce that the Skid Pan will re-open from Friday 4 December.

A robust re-opening plan has been completed including a COVID-19 risk assessment. Additional measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of our guests and colleagues whilst at the skid pan.


Key Information
  • We have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment
  • We have additional cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitising and hygiene procedures in place
  • We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure government guidance on social distancing is maintained


On The Day

At the start of the day before any guests' arrival, all public area surfaces inside the Skid Pan building and the vehicles used in the experience will be wiped down with an approved antibacterial/antiviral odourless cleaner.

On arrival, all guests/drivers will need to remain in their cars or outside of the Skid Pan building until 5 minutes before there designated start time.

Please use the hand sanitiser provided to clean your hands before entering into the Skid Pan building.

The host will direct guests to a table which will have printed laminated guidelines and a sign-on sheet for the driver to sign.

At the end of the session, guests and drivers will be asked to leave promptly via the rear door and wooden gates allowing for cleaning of the building and cars and the next group to enter via the front door without any cross over.

This procedure will be repeated between sessions.


Experience Format

The Skid Pan is operated with two guests per car both being a driver and passenger, in front and rear-wheel-drive cars.

All drivers will be required to wear a three-ply surgical type face mask whilst in the vehicle, they will also be required to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on entry to the vehicles and when changing from driver to passenger and vice, versa.

The instructor will carry out the driver briefing from a designated area delineated by tape at the front of the building with guests and drivers seated.

After the briefing drivers will be allocated to a vehicle and asked to apply a face mask and sanitise their hands before entering the vehicle.

Drivers will re-sanitise their hands at all driver changeovers. There will be hand sanitiser in the vehicles.


Guests, Refreshments and Viewing Areas

Any driver booked on the Skid Pan may bring a maximum of 3 guests, each party will have a table and four chairs allocated to them, spaced a minimum of two metres from adjacent tables, guests will be required to stay at their allocated table or maintain the governments recommended social distancing guidelines.

There will be no drinks/refreshments available in the Skid Pan building, but please do not hesitate to bring your own, if so, please dispose of the empties in the bins provided.

None driving guests may go outside to take photographs but will be required to sanitise their hands before re-entering the building.


Available Dates

We've released an initial batch of dates and will be adding more soon.

Book a date to attend by calling our office on 01264 882222 (our office is open from 9am - 5pm, Mon-Fri) or email us with your preferred dates and we'll call you back.


New Caterham Seven 270 Skid Pan Experience Now Available

Caterham Seven 270

The brilliant Caterham Seven 270 has joined our fleet of skid pan cars and is available for private One-2-One sessions on the Skid Pan.

Whether you want to experience something 'raw', learn more about handling characteristics, get to grips with understanding oversteer and understeer or maybe you're starting in motorsport and need as much seat time as possible in a safe environment, the Caterham Seven 270 is the perfect car.

We have an introductory offer available on the Caterham Seven 270 One-2-One experience for a limited time. Buy now and save £50.