Behind the scenes with our team over the winter break!

The team at Thruxton have been hard at work behind the scenes this Winter and aside from the usual general maintenance, large projects have been undertaken.

A new tyre wall has been built at the Chicane, where the team were tasked with stripping out and replacing in excess of 800 tyres, which was made possible thanks to our partners at Pirelli. In an effort to keep on track with our sustainability ambitions, the tyres that were removed from the Chicane were re-purposed in the extension to the existing tyre wall on the exit of Church Corner, the fastest section on the circuit, which now stands proud at an extra 70 meters long.

The renovation to race control, whilst it’s still a work in progress, has been a welcome change to the circuit to help accommodate for the larger race events and the increasing number of personnel required in race control. The wall between race control and the timekeepers has been moved back 1.5 meters, and the PA system relocated to the media centre, meaning the dividing wall that once housed it has been removed completely.

A new fire truck has found its home at Thruxton, 30 digital radios have been purchased and new radio repeaters installed to improve radio communication across the circuit on the race weekends and the Grounds Team have been treated to a brand-new lawnmower, courtesy of Wessex International. Elsewhere, the Thruxton Kart Centre has had new barriers and fencing to finish installed to finish a long series of Winter improvements.

Photos: Spud