Thruxton Circuit Partners with Gulf Race Fuels to Elevate Competitor Experience

Thruxton Circuit is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Gulf Race Fuels. This collaboration marks a milestone in the our commitment to enhancing the race experience for competitors.

Under this partnership, Gulf Race Fuels will become the preferred provider of racing fuel at Thruxton Circuit, offering a premium selection of high-performance fuels to all competitors participating in events at the circuit. From the adrenaline-fueled race meetings to the heart-pounding track days, competitors and drivers will have access to top-quality fuel that promises to optimise performance and unleash the full potential of their machines on the demanding circuit at Thruxton.

"We are delighted to join forces with Gulf Race Fuels," said Pat Blakeney, Group Operations Manager at Thruxton Circuit. "At Thruxton, we are dedicated to providing competitors with the best possible experience on the track, and partnering with Gulf Race Fuels allows us to further elevate the standard of services at our circuit. With Gulf's renowned expertise in producing high-quality racing fuels, competitors can expect enhanced performance and reliability, ensuring thrilling battles and memorable moments on the track."

Gulf Race Fuels brings decades of experience and a legacy of excellence in the world of motorsport fueling. Their commitment to innovation and quality aligns perfectly with Thruxton Circuit's vision of delivering unparalleled racing experiences. By choosing Gulf Race Fuels as the official fuel supplier, Thruxton Circuit reinforces its position as a premier destination for motorsport teams and drivers seeking uncompromising performance.

"We are excited to partner with Thruxton Circuit and support the thriving motorsport community in the UK," said Jason Lavender, Sales Manager, SB Fuels. "Our mission at Gulf Race Fuels is to empower racers with the highest-quality fuels, enabling them to push the limits of performance and achieve their full potential on the track. We look forward to working closely with Thruxton Circuit to deliver exceptional fuelling solutions and contribute to the success of competitors at this iconic venue."

The partnership between Thruxton Circuit and Gulf Race Fuels signals a new chapter in the circuit's storied history. As the 2024 racing season kicks into high gear with a FREE race meeting on Saturday 4 May, competitors can look forward to unleashing the power of Gulf Race Fuels on the legendary Thruxton Circuit – the fastest circuit in the UK.

For inquiries about Gulf Race Fuels and their range of high-performance racing fuels, visit their website:

If you are a competitor racing at Thruxton and you would like to order Gulf Race Fuels, please contact Jason Lavender, who will arrange for this to be delivered to the circuit ahead of the race meeting.

Jason Lavender
SB Fuels
07979 806305