Junior Skid Pan Experience

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1 hrs

For junior drivers over 12 years old who have some driving experience but do not hold a full driving licence.

  • Learn how to control a skidding car
  • Drive new front and rear wheel drive cars
  • Give yourself the best chance to control a sliding car
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Need to know

What to expect from the Junior Skid Pan Experience

For junior drivers over 12 years old who have some driving experience but do not hold a full driving licence.

A one-hour session on the skid pan driving both the MINI Cooper and Toyota GT86. Both cars have dual controls.

Each session will run with two participants, the pupil, when driving, is always accompanied by the instructor. Each session will start with a short instructor demonstration.

The pupil will then drive the front wheel drive Mini cooper & the rear wheel drive Toyota GT86. At the end of the session all participants would have had equal time as a driver in the MINI Cooper and Toyota GT86.

Driving Content

Straight line slalom, weight transfer and direction change, controlling understeer and oversteer.

Exercises will be experienced with all electronic stability systems, traction control and ABS switched on, while the pupil gains confidence and control. Gaining an understanding of what the systems do.

Electronic stability systems, Traction control & ABS switched off increasing the difficulty and making the pupil work much harder.

We also offer a Junior driving experience for children without any driving experience: Junior Driving Experience

Two Amazing Cars

A 200bhp revvy flat-four engine, lightweight and a limited slip differential make the Toyota Gt86 the perfect car to experience the skid pan.


  • Horsepower
    197 bhp
  • Torque
    151 lb/ft
  • Top Speed
    140 mph
  • 0-60
    7.6 seconds

Retains all the spirit and fun of the two preceding models with the often quoted kart like handling qualities. It is true, even on the skid pan.


  • Horsepower
    122 bhp
  • Torque
    160 lb/ft
  • Top Speed
    126 mph
  • 0-60
    9.0 seconds

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1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 28th, 29th

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